Friday, September 9, 2011

Traffic Controller of Thoughts

Your mind is a wonderful thing filled with thousands of thoughts each day.  Thoughts constantly inundate you seeking somewhere to settle.  These thoughts are like airplanes hovering above you waiting to land. You are the traffic controller that decides which of these planes will be allowed to touch down on the landing strips of your mind. Being present in the moment helps you determine which thoughts are true, good and pure enough to land.  One day when I was in grade school, I came home in tears because someone had made fun of me and called me a hurtful name.  Of course my Mom was right there to help me work through this with her infinite wisdom.  She asked me, "If someone said, "You ain't nothing but a box!" would you believe them?"  Of course I laughed at this and said, "No, because that's stupid! I KNOW I'm not a box!" "Well," my mother said, "if you know something is not true, why do you let it into your head and believe it?" She continued to explain to me that I am made in God's image and He don't make no junk! (except she used better grammar than that! HA!)  So many times we search for our significance in other people and what they think of us.  We live, act, dress, react to life in order to "fit in" or to be accepted.  It's a rat race that can't be won by simply running faster.  We need to hop off this hopeless treadmill and understand our significance does not lie in the hands of others. We are who God created us to be and we should be secure in that fact.  No one has the power to make you feel insignificant unless you give them the power.  We should trust that God knows what He's doing and He has equipped each of us with gifts, personalities, and talents uniquely designed for us.  If you test each thought to determine if it is pure, good, true, constructive and it doesn't line up, then don't allow that plane to land...Let it fly on!!! 
YOU are in the traffic controller seat and YOU are the only one in control of those thoughts!  Don't take in and dwell upon what you know is wrong, destructive, or untrue.  When my children were young, I would explain to them why I would not allow them to see certain movies and read certain books.  I wanted them to know that your mind and body is like a computer...what you put in, you will get out.  If you put trash in, then don't be surprised when you get trash out.  By guarding your mind and allowing only the "true" thoughts in and keeping the "yucky stuff" out, your spirit will be more at peace.
Be a wise traffic controller who stays alert and on guard...only allowing the "good" thoughts to settle securely on the landing strip of your mind.  And the next time someone calls you a "Box"...stop and ask yourself, "Now is this a true thought?" If it is not, then as the traffic controller, tell that plane it is too crowded to land and to keep flying! 
Then rest securely in knowing that your significance does not lie in what fickle people think...Your search for significance is found in your Creator!
Happy Flying!!!