Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't Ask Why...Ask What!!!

Ok you Mom’s and Dad’s out there...what is a 3 letter word that your children say time and time again that sends you into orbit? It starts at the base of your spine and works itself all the way up! I myself as a child drove my Dad up the wall by saying it over and it spans the generations.
Have you figured it out...the word is...wait for it....WHY? WHY? WHY?
Can’t you just hear the little darlings now...
Why can’t I go to that party?
Why can’t I stay out until midnight?
Why do I have to eat everything on my plate?
Why can’t I have that?
We sometimes as parents can handle a flat out “no” better than we can “why?” So WHY is that? “No” means that they are rebelling against your authority and testing the waters. But “why” means they are questioning your authority. No one likes his or her authority to be questioned. Years ago when I was a child I asked my Dad if I could go to someone’s house. His answer was “no!” I asked my Dad “why” and I saw this not so pleasant look come over his face and his reply was, “because I said so that’s why!” That’s it...that’s all I explanation, no reason, just because he felt like it! I never thought “because I said so” was a good enough reason. There had to be some logical explanation as to why I was being told “no!” Being told “no” had to have a reason behind it that I could understand in that very moment. The reason was not revealed, however, until many years later and it was ultimately for my protection.
As adults, don’t we continue this same pattern of asking “why?”
Why didn’t I get that promotion?
Why is this happening to me?
Why is life so hard at times?
Don’t you know that God just shakes His head at us sometimes and says “Here we go again. Child...just trust me on this one...I got this.”
He knows what is best for us and He always has our best interest at heart.
Just today as I was writing this blog, I was asked “why” by one of my adult children.
My son was on a road trip with friends and texted me saying...
“Why” didn’t you let me watch Rug Rats as a child?”
To which I replied, “why” do you ask?” HAHA!
He said they were just talking about their childhood and for some reason that subject came up.
So, I told him the reason was that in my opinion, I thought the characters were
disrespectful to authority. I did not think the show represented the best of values. And I believed it was my job as a parent to be the filtering device. I firmly feel that what you put in is what you get out.
Trash in...trash out. Goodness in...Goodness out. (but that will be another blog for another day!) back to our why’s!
Instead of asking “why” in life...WHY not try asking WHAT!
What can I learn from this situation?
What can I become because of this experience?
What can I do to help others going through this same trial?
If you go to a well and pull up the bucket and every time the bucket is empty...don’t waste time asking “why.” Don’t keep struggling with why it’s dry? Even though it does not make sense and there is no logical reason for your bucket to be coming up dry don’t expend alot of energy on the “why!” You are exerting wasted energy. You may not ever know the reason why that particular well is dry.
So, WHAT can you do?
You can switch wells.
Change your perspective. Change your direction. Change your way of doing things.
Open your mind to the possibility that for some reason (and you may never know “why”)
you were not at the well you were supposed to be drawing from. Maybe there was a bigger source of water than you could ever imagine from the new well. And you would have never known about it if you hadn’t believed and trusted there was a better well for you to draw from.
You could have possibly missed all of WHAT was in store for you if you had stayed
and fought over the WHY’s of the other well not working.
God wants us to trust Him with the why’s! Trust that there is a Master Plan for your life
Give it a try! Next time you feel the urge...Don’t ask WHY...ask WHAT!!
And WATCH your bucket come up full every time.