Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Give Thanks...It's really quite simple.

Give thanks for the vibrant sunset for there are others that 
cannot see it.

Give thanks for the happy sound of children's laughter for there are those who cannot hear it.

Give thanks for your fluffy pillow and bed for there are those without somewhere to lay their head.

Give thanks for the ability to walk on the beach for there are those that cannot do so.

Give thanks for the breath you easily breathe for there are those who would give anything for one more breath.

Give thanks for your birth for there are those who didn't get the choice of life.

Give thanks for family and friends for there are those without any.

Give thanks for your job for there are those without the opportunity 
to work.
Give thanks for God's love because He extends it to us even though we don't deserve it.
No matter what...there is always something to be grateful for.
Today allow yourself the opportunity to be grateful.
Living in the attitude of gratitude WILL change the way you look at 
virtually EVERYTHING for the better
Look for the good. Seek the common ground. Focus on what unites rather than separates.
When you express your gratitude, notice how it makes you FEEL.
Then notice how that great feeling lingers around and makes everything seem better.
Open your mind and your eyes and be aware of the abundance available all around you. 
When we are thankful, it  opens us up to receiving all kinds of wonderful blessings.
The attitude of gratitude keeps us focused on the positives in our lives.
Be thankful for the experiences because without them, you wouldn't be where you are today.
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart!
Be blessed my friends!

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  1. Beautifully spoken and so true. We are most blessed.