Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If nothing ever changed...There'd be no Butterflies!!

This is the beginning of a new year and because of that, change is definitely inevitable. We set our minds on changing things in our lives that we are not happy about such as our weight, bad habits, goals, accomplishments and such. We have however, created our circumstances by our past choices. But within our grasp we have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today. In life, there is change. One of the definitions of change is the result of alteration or modification. Think about it...when change has happened in your life, it has definitely altered it in some way. When you think about change, what does it bring to mind? What emotions does it evoke from you? Are you anxious, fearful, apprehensive or do you look at it as an exciting, thrilling adventure? For me, it's a little of all of it. Change is never easy but usually adds blessings and dimension to our lives that we would not experience otherwise. For instance, take the change that happened to me 22 years ago today. As I went to the hospital on that cold wintry day to deliver my first child, I was filled with excitement, concern and anxiousness, realizing my life was about to be significantly changed forever more. Becoming a parent has been one of the biggest yet most rewarding changes in my life. I had no idea how much my beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed baby girl would change my life. One of the most significant ways she has changed me is how it has taught me to be more selfless. When you have a child who is looking to you for their complete existence, your needs, desires, and wants quickly go to the end of the line. All you want is for them to be healthy, happy, and complete. To me, having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body. You love them completely and would gladly give your life in place of theirs without a second thought. Has the change of becoming a parent been difficult at times...yes...has it been rewarding...yes...has it blessed my life...more than anything ever could. My precious baby girl Tiffany who came to me 22 years ago today has been one of the most blessed gifts I have ever received. And a blessing that I would have missed if I hadn't had the courage to change. This year ahead of me will be filled with an extreme amount of change. As I write this blog I feel I am writing to myself as much as anyone. I know that I am in control of how I look at change. My past experiences have taught me that if I am resistant to change I will most likely miss out on what God has in store for me therefore miss the blessing. So, as I enter this year of change I will put my trust in Him and will face the events with positive expectations of the blessings to come. Because I know... if nothing ever changed then there would be no butterflies..
and who wants a world full of caterpillars...not me...I choose butterflies!!


  1. Good blog. I agree....your daughter is such a blessing to you and everyone in the family. She brings life, energy, and zest into the room. Glad you are writing again. Have missed it.

  2. That is a sweet blog! Thank you! You are a great writer!

  3. thanks to the one who made me and to the other one who made me a mom!! love you both!