Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Perfect Blue (con't from Color your world Beautiful Blog)

What would our crayola box be like if there was no Blue? Oh how our world needs blue...oceans, skies, and mountains. There is a coolness factor in things that are blue. You can't help but be deeply moved when you stare into the depths of the sea or get lost in the artistry of the sky. Our blue personalities are as such... deep, steady and consistent. Even as babies the Perfect Blue appears to be thinking deeply. They are quiet, undemanding and actually enjoy being alone. They gladly follow a schedule and will respond to a parent that is well organized. As adults these are the thinkers. They are people with a purpose who are dedicated to order and organization. These are the people with the lists, charts, and graphs. The highlight of their day is making a "to do" list and actually marking their accomplishments off the list as they go. There is a reason behind everything that a Blue temperament does. Take making the bed...most days my Blue personality husband makes the bed. One day he was running late, so I decided to make the bed. As he crossed the room and saw me hap-hazardously making the bed, he politely asked me, "Where did you learn how to make a bed?" To which I replied, "I don't know, why?" It was at this point he informed me there was a right and wrong way to make the bed. The right way, was to pull the bottom sheet tight so it didn't have any wrinkles and therefore when you got in bed at night it would be nice and smooth to lay on. Thankfully, I understand personalities and I knew he was not criticizing me, he was just using this as an opportunity to teach me the "perfect" way. So, knowing that he functions better in a world of tidiness, order and perfection, I de-wrinkle his side of the bed whenever possible while I wallow in the wrinkles on my side! Blues do not function well with "wrinkles" in their life.
This type person is also very observant and notices things in life that others pass by everyday. Years ago I was traveling in the car with my son who was about 8 yrs. old. We were running errands around town and we passed a sign I had seen several times that week. When we returned home my son said, "Mom, did you notice that sign used 3's instead of E's?" To which I replied "What sign?" He then informed me he had noticed as we passed the sign, which used letters that you add to spell out your message, that they must have run out of the letter E because they were using backwards 3's in place of the E's. The eye for detail belongs to the blues in our world. As long as this personality is in charge you can be assured the job will be done correctly and on time. In a world of mediocrity our blue personalities shine as a beacon of high standards for the rest of us to follow.
So we should appreciate the Blues in our world because they:
Have the depth to see into the heart and soul of life

Have the ability to analyze and arrive at the proper solution

Have the desire to do all things decently and in order.

Our world is complete because of the Blue Personalities that bring perfection, detail, and sensitivity into it!

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