Sunday, September 27, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes!!

Kids say the darndest things!
I wished I had written down all the humorous things my children have said through the years. Truths, lessons, and facts only they can see with their honest little eyes. How precious yet awkward those funny sayings can be. As I sat in church this morning looking up scriptures in my Bible, one of those funny moments came to mind. Years ago, when my daughter was 6 years old and my son was 3, the three of us were sitting at the dining room table visiting. I was taking a painting class at the time and was working on some humorous signs that hang on the wall. Like all mother's do, I was multi-tasking while sitting with my kids. I was painting my signs, helping my daughter learn her Bible verses for Sunday School, and trying to keep my son entertained. My daughter had to quote a scripture and tell where it was found in the Bible. As I was painting my sign, and my daughter was quoting her scriptures, my 3 year old son sat by absorbing all that was going on around him. After awhile, he asked me, "Momma, what does that sign say that you're painting?" And I replied,
"My cow died...I don't need your bull!" I apprehensively waited, wondering if he would need an explanation for such a silly saying. Thankfully, the simple answer was enough. Whew!
We continued painting, learning our verses, and talking about the Bible. As I think about the memory now, what a funny scene that must have been...Bible verses, painting, cows, bulls...all mixed together. Well, I finished my sign, my daughter memorized her verses and my son was pleased with his simple answer. All was good until...that following Sunday! While we were eating lunch, I asked my daughter how she had done with her verses in Sunday School. She informed me that she had remember them and I let her know how very proud I was of her. I advised my daughter to tuck those words from God away within her and remember He was there for her whenever she needed Him. I was taking such pride in what a wise mother I was and what a good job I had done in helping her learn those verses. This feeling however, was short lived. It was at that moment my son informed me that he too had told his Sunday School teacher his verse! With astonishment, I once again began to puff with pride at how I had not only helped my daughter, but in the meantime had obviously taught my son as well. I asked my son about the verse he had quoted to his Sunday School teacher and he said, "Momma, I told the Sunday School teacher you had taught me a verse and it went like this...
My cow died, I don't need your bull...John 15:12!!
The cloud of pride I was enjoying quickly fell away and dropped me back down to reality. Oh my, I really had some explaining to do, not only to my son but most importantly to the Sunday School teacher.
Out of the mouths of babes!!

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  1. HA! How funny...I remember it well. What a great picture your story paints. Well donw!